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Why list with us

We listen! Our priorities are understanding our clients’ requirements and taste, and providing exceptional service with expert advice. We strive not to waste one minute of any client’s time. Truly caring about our clients and their unique circumstances is what matters most to us. 

For more than twenty years we have worked exclusively in Waterkloof and the surrounding areas of Pretoria. We have done as many as 7 consecutive transactions with one client; return business with  valued clients is where we excel.

Clients have said the following about Denise:

Having met in Pretoria,  a great number of realtors not only when looking for a house for myself,  but also when our Embassy in Pretoria was searching for a new property to purchase for the Official Residence,  I must say that the way you have treated me on both occasions excelled all expectations.
Your work ethic, your deep appreciation of what someone has in mind when looking for a property to live in, your engagement in finding the right alternative at the best price range, and your commitment to quality are unbeatable.
You have not only been helpful in the home searches I have participated either on official purposes, or for private needs,  but you have also given  — on both occasions –  a wealth of practical and useful advice, supplied all available information accurately, and given your full expertise on finding the right alternatives.  
Once I have moved to the house chosen, you have always shown your endeavor to assure that everything went well.  Contrary to some realtors, who once the deal is made the relationship disappears, you have  given attention and time to solve problems and glitches that normally arise after the contract is signed.

Your dedication has helped us to settle in a most considerate manner in Pretoria.  For foreigners who have just arrived to South Africa, those are most precious qualities. That is why I say to my colleagues at the Embassy, when they arrive, that if you are in the hunt for a house with a good service from a real estate agent, you could not have a more reliable, professional and exceptional agent on your side.


My wife and I were very happy with the way you treated us with respect and dignity, which is very rare to find in South Africa. I can tell you with full confidence that you are the best agent we have dealt with, and very professional. I am eager to do business with you in future.
As I was driving into Waterkloof Village this afternoon, I saw your real estate sign by the entrance and I thought, “BRAVO!”  Congratulations on setting up your new company. You will be very successful because of the way you deal with your clients. You certainly have me as your client, as well as anybody who asks me to recommend a real estate agent.